Asian Traders International


We believe that the secret to a successful business is through return customers and they do so if they are satisfied. 

You will find our service second to none in the Construction/Interior Business. Our Project Managers personally see through each project till the end. We believe that the service provider should be more than just voice on the phone. We are committed to providing your company with the special attention that clients deserve.

Organizing workspace

Asian Traders International has the necessary experience to outfit any work space with scope of assignment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

After Care

We believe in comprehensive after care with all your office Interior. Our team helps you from start to finish, providing workplace advice, interior design, building feasibility, project management, relocation and a comprehensive aftercare service.

Space & Floor planning

Business has never been static, so why should a work place be? Our solutions insure that a place can grow, change and evolve as the client does and we save our clients money while doing it. We work with Flexible Designs and layouts and choose products that can be rearranged at the drop of a hat. So they get more use from your place for years to come.